Dec. 21st, 2009

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Metal music and referring my friends as objects,
hair in a "cock' (hairstyle) and dyed every color
pretending to care about bands I had never heard about and movies with sex and killing
Friend slightly gained some value, music changed to Punk Rock,
favorite color became black and eyeliner got thicker
Yes that was the beginning of my freshmen year

Hair standing up larger than the width of my hand,
dyed every single color,
black extensions giving it length, making it heavy and sticky with hairspray,
a bottle a week, one at home, one in backpack and one in restroom.
Bright colors became my favorite,  Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue came before black.
Music went to pop, filled with rainbows and sparkly men
but to my friends, it was always punk/rock/metal/anime OST's
Sophmore year was a bit brighter.

Hair down to a "normal" state,
eyeliner still there but not covering half and eyelid
Hair color bleached here and there and clothes a bit more brighter
Friends had value and even became people,
people that knew about my glitter filled idols and my future dream.
Days became fun, and school a bit more... entertaining.

Almost(?) 3 years have passed since I found out about Arashi, A.M.N.O.S., M.O.A.N.S, and today while taking a shower I realized how much I have changed. Maybe not all because of them but I do give them a major part. I tried to show how I changed above but maybe it wasn't that good so here is a less angst-y form:  

Watching him make mistakes make me feel calm , how he keeps on trying even though he knows he is not the best one gives me strength to try harder in my own way (Sho)

His smile makes me smile, his laugh has a warm feeling about it, he loves his job and make me want to find my own way of living with a smile on my face every day (Aiba)

He is plays many games, and is said to be very stingy, but when he says his favorite food is "cheap food" it makes me think, he is just a normal guy, although he can eat any kind of food he still chooses the one that is obtainable by every one, a humble person that boy man really is (Ninomiya)

He forgets he is on television and ignores all the scolding, yet his voice, dancing skills, and acting are amazing. His voice rings through my head all the way to my toes, his dancing sends shivers down my spine that don't seem to end and his acting makes me cry until my eyes sting with utmost pain (Ohno)

The way he asks questions like a child and the way he sees every detail as an adult, he acts cool yet you can see his dorky side often recently. He brought me into this fandom, and maybe just maybe I may be a bit bias over him, but how can I not since thanks to him I got to "meet" brighter side of life (Jun)  

"5x10" a song written by them for us (fans) thanking us for giving them support. Although I may not be able to write a song, I am able to write a few words that may or may not be only understandable for me, but all these word pretty much sum up to:  

you Arashi for your
support !!!


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