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This entry is a story I'm working on for school and it is still unfinished

Merely nine years old, small stature, brown hair, middle class boy. Smiles on every opportunity given, toothy grin with a couple of missing teeth, signs of growing up. He has a small sister a grade lever under him yet her appearance is much smaller and fragile. She also smiles together with him, always holding hands walking together till they have to separate for class, a really strong bond.

They wait till 5:00 p.m. every afternoon even though school finishes at 3:15 p.m. The same parent never comes to pick them up, their smiles seem to disappear at the sight of either one. They always say good-bye to the rather new teacher , a smile and a wave is shown before their heads hang low to their feet walking at a distance from the parent 'assigned' for the pick-up that day.

At home they are expected to "be good" and go to their room and stay there. They usually have to skip dinner because they are afraid to come out of their respectful rooms.

The screams and yells start around 20 minutes after the arrival from school. Swears and things that aren't meant to be heard go through the thin walls of the small kids. They become nervous and start shaking, nothing in their power can be done to stop their parents anymore. They just cry silently hoping for it to end quickly.

The small boy is scared and he can't imagine how his sister must feel. He grabs his mp3 player and his emergency phone and crawls unto her room. Opening the lock of his room with utmost care for it not to make a sound. Dragging himself  on the floor to his sisters room, he can see the shadows and can hear clearly the colorful discussion his parents are having, his small hands tremble at the thought of being caugh, of the risk of being punished, of his sister, he hurries.

He slowly and carefully opens the door, his stubby hands fumble with the lock and the door squeaks as it opens. He unconsciously flinches. The nine year old crawls inside and locks the door behind him, his sister nowhere in sight.

Slowly bringing his trembling body up he rushes to the small and cramped closet. All dark and warm, full of dust and hangers is his sister curled up in the corner under the heavy blanket crying. He rushes by her side and delves under the heavy blanket with one arm already around her. He shuffles for the mp3 player he brought with him and turns it on by instincts before placing the headphones on the small girl.

"Everything is going to be fine ok... I'm here it'll end soon"

His sister begins to relax after the third song. The screams of pain of his mother start , the punches and physical violence barely has begun. His tears slowly but surely blur his vision and soon fall down his cheeks. The boy is glad the closet is dark; He doesn't want his sister to see him fall and collapse.

He wakes up earlier than expected to a silent house. His sister is calmly sleeping by his side, her chest rising and falling ever so slowly. He checks the phone and realizes school has begun. Slowly untangling from the tight embrace he shakes his sister awake and gets ready for school, eyes red and swollen same as the little girl.

She looks at him and smiles, toothy grin and crinkling eyes, he can't do anything more than smile back at her.

They walk together to school which is a few blocks away. Hands clasped together and steps tired and heavy. 

As they get closer the girl's hand tightens a little not wanting to let go


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